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This PCR Library can be a useful and powerful tool that offers access to many existing PCRs. This site was orginally set up by the Japanese Environmental Association for Industry (JEMAI), with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Government of Japan. Since August 2011, the Environment and Development Foundation (EDF) of Taiwan took over the maintenance of this web site.

EDF and JEMAI are both members of the Global Type III Environmental Product Declarations Network (GEDnet), which is an international non-profit organization of Type III environmental declaration organizations and practitioners established in 1999.

The idea of eatablishing a PCR library was brought up among GEDnet members, after agreeing on the wish to have a dedicated database for PCRs.

Considering the rapidly increasing interest on PCRs due to recent standardization activities of carbon footprint of products, even simple PCR collection web site like this is considered valuable. Currently, EDF is updating the database to support new services, including search function, classifing the PCRs with a unified coding system, multiple listing and update histories. The Changes definitely make the user interface more friendly.

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