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ISO14025 provides the basic requirements for product category rules for type III environmental declarations. According to ISO14025, the PCR document shall include the following:

  1. Product category definition and description (e.g. function, technical performance and use);
  2. - Functional unit,
    - System boundary,
    - Description of data,
    - Criteria for the inclusion of inputs and outputs,
    - Data quality requirements including coverage, precision, completeness, representativeness, consistency,
       reproducibility, sources and uncertainty, and
    - Units;

  3. Inventory analysis, including
  4. - Data collection,
    - Calculation procedures, and
    - Allocation of material and energy flows and releases;

  5. Impact category selection and calculation rules, if applied;

  6. Predetermined parameters for reporting of LCA data (inventory data categories and impact category indicators)

  7. Requirements for provision of additional environmental information, including any methodological requirements (e.g. specifications for hazard and risk assessment);

  8. Materials and substances to be declared (e.g. information about product content, including specification of materials and substances that can adversely affect human health and/or the environment, in all stages of the life cycle);

  9. Instructions for producing the data required to develop the declaration (LCA, LCI, information modules and additional environmental information);

  10. Instructions on the content and format of the Type III environmental declaration ;

  11. Information on which stages are not considered, if the declaration is not based on an LCA covering all life cycle stages;

  12. Period of validity.

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