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  1. Define product category
  2. The first step of developing PCR is to define the product category.

    The product categories are defined using a transparent procedure. When products have similar functions and applications, the basis for assigning a group of products to a product category shall be that the same functional unit can be applied.

  3. Collect and/or produce LCA
  4. The second step is to determine the life cycle stages to be included, the parameters to be covered, and the way in which the parameters are collated and reported, to collect and/or produce LCA.

  5. Draft PCR
  6. The draft version of PCR is developed in the established consultation process, including the involvement of interested parties. Once the draft is completed, it should be submitted to PCR review. Within the review, the PCR will receive comments and recommendations made by the review members.

  7. Publish PCR
  8. Through the PCR review, once the new PCR is approved, you will apply it for your LCA calculation. The detail of the actual PCR preparation procedure should be defined by the program operator.

  9. Maintenance of PCR
  10. Approved PCR will be revised if necessary when there are changes in procedures and documents related to the PCR. The detail of the maintenance procedure should be defined by the program operator.

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