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You can further find any category according to product category name alphabetically by name.

PCR name Country File Remarks
Nonglutinous Rice (Japonica) Japan for carbon footprint only

Rapeseed Oil Japan for carbon footprint only

Potato chips Japan for carbon footprint only

Nonwoven fabrics Korea  

Products of agriculture, horticulture and market gardening Sweden  

Forestry and logging products Sweden  

Fishery products Sweden  

Meat, fish and fruit Sweden  

Dairy Products and Egg Products Sweden  

Grain mill products Sweden  

Beverages Sweden  

Yarn and thread Sweden  

Textile articles other that apparel Sweden  

Leather and leather products Sweden  

Meat of Mammals Sweden  

Frozen Vegetable Sweden  

Fruits and Nuts Sweden  

Grid Electricity Japan  

Gasoline Korea  

Liquefied natural gas Korea  

Electrical machinery and apparatus Sweden  

Textile, Laminate and Resilient Floor Coverings Germany  

Paper Beverage Cartons (PSC-ID:BD-01) Japan  

Powdered Laundry Detergent Japan for carbon footprint only

Automobile air filters Korea  

CRT glass substrates Korea  

EP rubbers Korea  

Hand dishwashing detergents Korea  

Tires for passenger Korea  

Toilet papers Korea  

Insulation materials Norway  

Seating solution Norway  

Table Norway  

Piping systems for use for sewage and storm water (under gravity) Norway  

Roof waterproofing Norway  

Plate Furniture Norway  

Precast Concrete Products Norway  

Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials Sweden  

Pulp, paper and paper products Sweden  

Coke oven products; refined petroleum products; nuclear fuel Sweden  

Basic chemicals Sweden  

Other Chemical products Sweden  

Rubber and plastic products Sweden  

Glass Sweden  

Furniture, other transportable goods n.e.c. Sweden  

System Cabinet Taiwan  

Corrugated Containers Taiwan  

AC Motors Taiwan  

Bicycles Taiwan  

Motorcycles Taiwan  

Steel as construction material Norway  

Basic Metals Sweden  

Fabricated metal products Sweden  

Carbon Steel and Carbon Steel Products Taiwan  

Hot-Dip Metallic Coated Steel Coils / Prepainted Hot-Dip Metallic Coated Steel Coils Taiwan  

Stainless Steel Slab/Stainless Steel Billets Taiwan  

Stainless Steel Hot/Cold Rolled Products Taiwan  

Digital Camera Japan  

Electrophotographic Dry Process Photocopier Japan  

EP and IJ Printer Japan  

Facsimile Japan  

Intercom Japan  

Internet Data Center System Product Japan  

Net Camera Products Japan  

Notebook computer Japan  

Optical Disk Drive Japan  

Single-Use Camera Japan  

Imaging input andor output equipment Japan  

Portable electronic communication devicess Japan  

Air conditioners Korea  

Digital camera Korea  

Laser printers Korea  

Microwave ovens Korea  

Mobile phones Korea  

PC built-in optical disk drives Korea  

PDP TVs Korea  

Printed circuit board Korea  

Refrigerators Korea  

TFT-LCD glass substrates Korea  

TFT-LCD Modules Korea  

TFT-LCD monitors Korea  

Video media players / recorders Korea  

Washing machines – drum type Korea  

Electrical machinery and apparatus Sweden  

Radio, television and communication Sweden  

Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line Customer Premises Equipment Taiwan  

Card Reader Taiwan  

Household Washing Machines Taiwan  

Integrated Circuits Taiwan  

Notebook Computers Taiwan  

Power Supply Taiwan  

Refrigerators Taiwan  

TFT-LCD Displays Taiwan  

Digital Projector Taiwan  

VoIP Phones Taiwan  

USB Flash Drive Taiwan  

Uninterruptible Power Supply Taiwan  

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Taiwan  

Printed Circuit Board Taiwan  

Paper Shredder Taiwan  

Mouse Taiwan  

Keybord Taiwan  

Digital Still-picture Camera Taiwan  

Clothes Dryer Taiwan  

Air-Cleaning Appliance Taiwan  

Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Taiwan  

Home Gateways Taiwan  

Optoelectronic semiconductor Taiwan  

Home Network Infrastructure Devices Taiwan  

Integrated Computer Taiwan  

Memory Taiwan  

Ethernet Switches Taiwan  

e-Reader Taiwan  

Personal Navigation Device Taiwan  

TFT-LCD Televisions Taiwan  

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Taiwan  

Slate-Tablet PC Taiwan  

Desktop Computer Taiwan  

Portable Power Outlets - Extension cords, Smart Energy Efficiency Devices, Adapter Taiwan  

Smartphone Taiwan  

Air Conditioners Taiwan  

Digital Home Media Centers Taiwan  

Femto Cells Taiwan  

Water Dispensers Taiwan  

Treadmills Taiwan  

General purpose machinery Sweden  

Special-purpose machinery Sweden  

Transport equipment Sweden  

Water Filters Taiwan  

Food Ingredient Distribution System Japan  

Passenger transport services Sweden  

Freight transport service Sweden  

Postal and courier services Sweden  

Telecommunications services Sweden  

ICT Hosting Service of Cloud Service Providers Japan  

Chemical products for the building- and construction industry Norway  

Asphalt and crushed stone Norway  

Mechanical Equipment for buildings Norway  

Soccer pitch surface products and soccer pitches Norway  

Windows and doors Norway  

Recycled Glass – for Buildings Taiwan  

Ceramic Tiles Taiwan  

Artificial Fiber Textiles Taiwan  

Silicon Substrate Taiwan  

LED Luminaries For General Lighting Taiwan  

ABS Materials Taiwan  

Food Contactable Plastic Containers Taiwan  

Low-E Sputtering Insulating Glass Taiwan  

Product Made of Recycled Rubber - for Building Taiwan  

Solar Water Heaters Taiwan  

Insulated Container Taiwan  

Adehsive Tape Taiwan  

Paints Taiwan  

Thermal Insulation Products used for wrapping Taiwan  

Multi-Function Device Taiwan  

Wire & Cable Taiwan  

Synthetic Fiber - Functional Fabrics Taiwan  

Electric Motorcycles Taiwan  

New Pneumatic Tyres Taiwan  

Office Paper Taiwan  

Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Taiwan  

Lithium-ion Secondary Battery Pack for Consumer Electronics Taiwan  

Non-invasive Sphygmomanometers Taiwan  

Golf Club Products Taiwan  

Post-Consumer Recycled PET Bottle Content Yarn Taiwan  

IP Cam Taiwan  

Charcoalization Products of Wood and Bamboo Taiwan  

LTE IndoorOutdoor Networking Equipment Taiwan  

Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery Taiwan  

PowerDistribution Transformer Taiwan  

Cookware Taiwan  

Fluorescent Lamps for General Lighting Service Taiwan  

Flame Retardant Building Materials of Fiber Cement Fiber Reinforced Cement and Gypsum Board Taiwan  

Sports and Athletic Footwear Taiwan  

Gas Appliances Taiwan  

Forged Parts for Motor Vehicles Taiwan  

Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Taiwan  

Household Detergents Taiwan  

Household Paper Products Taiwan  

Solar Photovoltaic Modules Taiwan  

LED Luminaries for Road and Street Lighting Taiwan

Cushioned Furniture Taiwan

Faucets Taiwan

Current Vector Variable Frequency Drives Taiwan

Rubber Products for Insulation Use Taiwan

Water Dispensers Taiwan

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