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Each link below directs you to a web of each EPD program in different countries. If you cannot find a PCR that meets your needs in the categories below, then you may wish to ask for it via either each program holder/ GEDnet (links shown in navigation banner to the left).

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Country Web PCR name File Program
Japan A limited number of EcoLeaf and CFP PCRs has been translated into English and is listed on this page. Please note that they may not be the latest versions.

The full list of the latest EcoLeaf PCRs is available in Japanese here.

The full list of the latest CFP- PCRs is available in Japanese here.
Digital Camera EcoLeaf

Electrophotographic Dry Process Photocopier EcoLeaf

EP and IJ Printer EcoLeaf

Facsimile EcoLeaf

Food Ingredient Distribution System EcoLeaf

Grid Electricity EcoLeaf

Intercom EcoLeaf

Internet Data Center System Product EcoLeaf

Net Camera Products EcoLeaf

Notebook computer EcoLeaf

Optical Disk Drive EcoLeaf

Paper Beverage Cartons (PSC-ID:BD-01) EcoLeaf

Single-Use Camera EcoLeaf

ICT Hosting Service of Cloud Service Providers CFP

Imaging input and/or output equipment CFP

Portable electronic communication devicess CFP

Flowers CFP

Paper Containers, Packaging and Wrapping (intermediate goods) CFP

Plastic Containers and Packaging CFP

Metallic Containers and Packaging (intermediate goods) CFP

Glass Container (intermediate goods) CFP

Vegetables and Fruits CFP

Publicity printings and Printing products for business use CFP

Wood, Wood Materials CFP

Potato chips CFP

IT Equipment CFP

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