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Each link below directs you to a web of each EPD program in different countries. If you cannot find a PCR that meets your needs in the categories below, then you may wish to ask for it via either each program holder/ GEDnet (links shown in navigation banner to the left).

Search by country

Country Web PCR name File
Sweden http://www.environdec.com/pageId.asp?id=300
Products of agriculture, horticulture and market gardening

Forestry and logging products

Fishery products

Meat, fish and fruit

Dairy Products and Egg Products

Grain mill products


Yarn and thread

Textile articles other that apparel

Leather and leather products

Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials

Pulp, paper and paper products

Coke oven products; refined petroleum products; nuclear fuel

Basic chemicals

Other chemical products

Rubber and plastic products


Furniture, other transportable goods n.e.c.

Basic Metals

Fabricated metal products

General purpose machinery

Special-purpose machinery

Electrical machinery and apparatus

Radio, television and communication

Transport equipment

Passenger transport services

Freight transport service

Postal and courier services

Electricity, gas and water distribution (on own account)

Telecommunications services

Meat of Mammals

Frozen Vegetable

Fruits and Nuts

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